Experience virtual reality together!

What activities could you do with your friends and family together in a shared space? Set up an Arena quickly anywhere and transform your world

Shared Space VR

A VR arena is a space where people can have a shared virtual experience together. IHMC researchers have worked with VRLab to develop technology to make these experiences affordable, easy to set up and easy to share. Arena enables a large group of people to create an ad-hoc shared space “holodeck” any place that you would normally enjoy using an Oculus Quest.

Arena will be available soon, and we will be sharing updates and availability to our subscribers first so be sure to get started with the Arena.

Update: September 2019, San Jose, California

At Oculus Connect 6, VRLab deployed an ad-hoc VR arena for an app review with John Carmack, CTO of Oculus.  The follownig day, VRLab shared the demonstration with the public, deploying another Shared Space Arena in front of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.